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Master Key Lock System

If you are interested in a master key lock system in Mississauga, let us help. This is a very convenient way to handling multiple doors in one building but designing, installing, and fixing such high security systems is not easy. At Locksmith Mississauga, our techs have the expertise to service and install master key locks in any combination you desire. Call us now whether you want master keys for your office or apartment building in Mississauga, Ontario.Master Key Lock System Mississauga

What is the master key lock system?

A master key lock system is convenient in large buildings, where there is often a need for the manager, super, or caretaker to open all doors for maintenance, daily work, or emergencies. At the same time, each one of the tenants or employees must have his/her own key to operate the door of his/her apartment or office. So, such complex systems have two different sets of keys: a master key and change keys. Master keys are held by the super and open all doors while change keys are held by the occupants and only open/lock their door.

Why will you need our help with office or apt master key systems?

Installing an office master key system is complicated. The secret of having many locks opening and locking with one master key and each with its own change key is installing the pin and tumbler lock right. The whole mechanism of pins, the shear line, springs, and notches must be designed and fitted correctly so that they will allow the opening and locking of the door when the right key is inserted.

Call us for master key system services

At our company, we are masters in such systems. We will install or service your apt building master key system and will suggest the ideal solution for your office. There are variations among such systems depending on your needs. With our help, you can be sure that the locks will be installed correctly and the keys will be cut to serve you well. Contact us today if you need Mississauga master key lock system services.